We offer following services to our major clients in Oil and Gas , Power ,Construction ,IT, Shared Services, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Telecom, Airlines, Hospitality and Retails.

  • Executive Searches
  • Head Hunting
  • Permanent Placements
  • Permanent Placement (Exclusivity) Consulting Services
  • Temporary /Short Term Placements
  • Bulk Recruitment Services
  • Campus Recruitment at major universities across Asia and Middle East
  • Skilled/Unskilled Craftsmen Labour Services



We assist our international clients with following services in Asia and Middle East countries for large scale recruitment campaigns.

  • Organizing large scale recruitment events including advertisement across Asia and Middle East countries
  • Hotel, Travel and accommodation for clients and candidates
  • Interview scheduling, appointments
  • Visa Services
  • Documents attestation and verification services

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